Is Raft Cross Platform?

Is Raft Cross Platform

Being a video game player, you will always be looking for adventurous games. You would have played many land video games, but have you ever tried an ocean video game, and that too with lots of adventures and hard levels? Well, one of the best undersea video games is Raft. It has several levels of difficulty and survival modes. Hence, to survive in it, the player not only needs to cope with the dangers of the sea but also create their own survival kit.

However, the hot topic in video games today is the availability of cross-platform games. Apart from multiplayer, the players also look for the availability of cross-platform. So, does Raft come with the option of cross-platform? Continue reading to find out. However, before that, let me first walk you through this game and understand what cross-platform actually is. So, let’s get this show on the road!

Raft – An Ocean Game

Developed by Redbeet Interactive and published on the web under the banner of Axolot Games, Raft is an ocean survival video game. Here the player has to survive the attack of the sharks while building resources to live. These include building the home from rafts, collecting food, water, and other such living amenities. Apart from man-eating sharks, another danger is the water currents. While collecting raw materials to build the shelter, the player can be washed away by water currents. Hence, you need to maintain your speed and play very carefully.

Raft - An Ocean Game

One of the best things about Raft is that it allows multiplayer. This means that you can use the PvP (Player versus player) option and play against various players. In the player-versus-player option, you will not be playing against artificial intelligence but instead actual players from around the globe.

What Is Cross Platform?

As the name suggests, cross-platform means that players with different consoles can play the game at the same time. Sadly, Raft does not support cross-platform yet. In the case of Raft, only players with PC consoles can join the game. Currently, it is available on Steam and PC consoles. Hence, players with XBox, PSPs, or other such consoles cannot participate.

This means that players have to purchase a different game version. Precisely, the one which is compatible with their consoles. Consequently, they cannot play the game together even if they are sitting together in one place.

Downsides Of Cross Platform

When it comes to cross-platform, there are several reasons why the developers have not enabled this option for Raft. Let’s see what could be some of the possible reasons for the unavailability of cross-platform on Raft.

1. Hacking 

There are a lot of cases of game hacking and there is a very high chance of the game getting hacked in case of cross-platform. Moreover, once the game is hacked, the player’s personal data can be stolen and published on the web.

2. Server Instability

When a lot of players are playing, there is a high chance of server inability. With the non-availability of cross-platform, the stability of the server is ensured owing to less traffic.

3. Updates Are Hard

With the development of cross-platform, the update is very difficult on the side of developers. They have to provide different kinds of updates for different console users.

4. Optimization 

With various versions, optimization becomes difficult. Therefore, the developers tend to stick to just one version which makes it easy to optimize and run.

5. Game Stability

When there are a number of servers involved, the stability of the game is affected. Hence, the developers tend to stick to just one server to ensure the stability of the game.

To Wrap Up

Despite the development of a number of mobile games, video games have their own aesthetic. Raft is one such game that becomes even more interesting when jumping levels. It does support multiplayer mode which makes it even more fun. However, it lacks cross-platform, but this does not affect the fun of the game. Hopefully, in coming years, the developers of the game will integrate cross-platform too.