Is Raft On Xbox?

First launched in 2016, Raft has gained massive success among video gamers. Being an interactive ocean game, Raft is one of its kind. After much work, it was finally released on Steam (PC) in 2022. Now the next question is whether Raft is available on Xbox, or will it be available in the coming years.

This question is still debatable owing to the construction of Xbox consoles and other consoles. However, to save you from further research, we have answered this question for you in detail. Continue reading to find out!

For those who haven’t played Raft, let me walk you through this game first.

What Is Raft?

Raft is an open sea game that brings forth new adventures at every level. In the start, the player is stranded in an open sea with just a raft and a hook. Among several other dangers of the sea, the players also have to protect themselves from man-eating sharks.

Raft Survival Game screenshot

Moreover, to survive in the open sea, the player has to collect raw materials for building a shelter. This can include paper, plastic, straws, and many more. The players also have to collect food and water. Another level of difficulty is the water currents. The player can be downed by them. Hence, one has to be very careful while floating in the open sea.

Is Raft Available On Xbox?

Now, let’s answer the burning question, is Raft available on Xbox? Sadly, it is not available on Xbox or other such consoles. There are several reasons for this, among which the most plausible is that older Xbox consoles are not compatible with this game. Therefore, currently, this game is available only on PC consoles.

Moreover, it took the developers years to make it compatible with PC consoles, so there is a chance that after several years it might be available on Xbox too.

Does Raft Support Multiplayer?

Yes, Raft does support multiplayer. This means that players with the same consoles can play the game together. Moreover, with this player versus player mode, you are playing against real players and not just artificial intelligence.

However, Raft does not support cross-platform. Cross-platform games are those which can be played by several players with different consoles. But since Raft is available on PC consoles, therefore, players with other consoles like PSP, Xbox, and other such consoles cannot participate in this game.

To Wrap Up

With gaining massive popularity in a short span of time, Raft has become one of the most played open-sea games in the video game fraternity. However, the players are looking forward to the game becoming available on Xbox and other consoles. Hopefully, in the coming years, it will be developed to an extent that it becomes compatible with various kinds of consoles.